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Traditional Medicine in North Tonawanda

Perhaps you’re seeking to wean off of medication or need to be started on one for the short term. Or maybe you want to be treated with medication versus supplements or vitamins. At The Missing Peace Family Health, we want people to know that, although we have a passion for holistic health care, we believe there’s a time and place for medicine.
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Meet Our Practitioner

In addition to being a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, Cassondra is an ANCC Board Certified Nurse Practitioner licensed in NY, MI, and soon in IL, and OH (FNP-BC). She has been a Registered Nurse since 2006 and served as a critical care RN for 14 years, before becoming an NP specializing in ICU and emergency room nursing.

Cassondra can serve as our patients’ primary care physician. “We want to give people options so they can be treated, and provide them with medical freedom to choose the way they want to be healed without judgment,” she said.

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Who Can Benefit?

Sometimes you may need medication to act as a bridge until a condition can get under control. For example, if you’re experiencing acute blood pressure issues, medication may be advisable to get it under control before we can determine the root cause. Or if you have a serious illness that requires deeper analysis, Cassondra can prescribe medications.

In addition to providing holistic medicine, she can

  • Refer out for testing
  • Provide prescriptions
  • Address certain injuries
  • Refer out for blood work
  • Order X-rays or an ultrasound

Blood Work

As our practice offers traditional medicine, it makes it easier for us to get blood work done on an outpatient basis. Cassondra can see a patient’s baseline numbers, so she can detect early disease or dysfunction of the organs.

If she determines you need blood work, Cassondra can provide a prescription, and you can take it to the lab of your choice. Or she can electronically send it to the lab. The results would be sent directly to her, and she would review the results with you. The next step is for Cassondra to come up with a diagnosis if there was a problem. Or, if you’re in prevention mode, she can recommend a solution.

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What to Expect

Just like any appointment with us, we would have you come in for a consult. Cassondra will take a detailed health history, and complete a health and physical assessment. She will discuss her findings with you and what treatment options are available. It’s always your choice how you want to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my insurance?

Yes, you can use your insurance for any script(s) sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

Are Western and Eastern medicine compatible?

Yes, there are options available where Eastern and Western medicine can be congruent.

Does my membership cover traditional medicine & holistic medicine visits?

Yes, as a members-only family health practice, your private membership will include well visits and sick visits. We can talk about supplements, Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR™) techniques or traditional medicine.

How long will I need to be on medication?

It depends. We may need to use it in an acute or short-term situation.

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